Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Guide to Boracay.

just got back from boracay , phillipines in jan ! it was such an amazing island , the beach is so beautiful !!! and so i have decided to provide guides to those who are interested in visiting :) hope it would be helpful.

1) Planning your stay - You should plan for at least 5D4N up till a week's trip to boracay cos travelling ( back and froth ) will take you about 1 day each. Totalling up to 2 days. 

2) Travelling - we took a 4hrs flight by tiger air to kalibo ,then 2-3hrs land transfer by bus and lastly we took a 10mins ferry at caitclan jetty, tricycle to hotel. Whole journey will take up almost the whole day. On the day of our return, our transport picked us up at 9.30am when our flight was at 4pm. We only reached sg ard 8pm. it was such a tedious journey just by getting to the island. We bought the land transfer+ferry+tricycle tickets on the plane (Tiger Air). We saved a lot of trouble cos there's other fees like terminal fee etc. *It is cheaper to pay in peso. & the company handling the transfer was southwest.

3) Accommodations -

 we booked 2 diff resorts from . The Rieseling Resort & 7Stones Boracay Suites. we would recommend  7Stones because it is closer to the beach at Station 2 where most activities take place. Do also check out the hotels in Station 1. The beach there is beautiful! The sand is ultra soft and white especially the beach right outside fridays resort.  If you are looking for a hotel that is more affordable, check out Island Nook Boracay Boutique Hotel! It is located within Station 2. Friendly owners and you can book island hopping through them so you won't get ripped off by the others. 

4) Food - Try Messa, Smoke Resto, Lemoni Cafe (Brunch), D'Talipapa Market, Real Coffee & Tea , jonah milk shakes . 
D'Talipapa Market has an interesting concept. You choose the seafood, meat, veg that you want. After purchasing, you enter any restaurant nearby and they will cook it. We spent about SGD$80 for that meal. we don't fancy the food but it's a good experience though. Rmb to bargain!

5) Activities - We wanted to go to Crystal Cove, Puka Beach and Ariel's point but the current was too strong so we didn't in the end. Do check out if you are going. Go for parasailing during sunset (SUPER PRETTY!!! Approx 1500 peso each), helmet diving(it's ok~), island hopping (Check out the islands you wish to visit and ask the boatman if the weather is ok for you to go that day. We paid about $1600 peso each for island hopping.) & for the party animals , pls visit club Epic. It is said to be probably the most happening beach club in boracay where they have famous guest dj spinning through the night.

7) Weather - since we tot it was a beach vacation all we had was bikinis and beach wear ! it was surpringly cold when we were there, the wind was howling non stop & it gets worse when in the nite. so remember to bring jackets & do a weather check ! 

8) Shopping -  there's not much to buy there though. They have pretty bikinis but the prices are almost the same as SG.

9) Spending -  in total, we spent about SGD$1.3K each for hotel, air tics, expenses. 

here are some useful links :

for more beautiful pics & video of boracay . check out my previous instagram post . instagram id : mayneluna :)

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Be cool, be you.

                                Nth beats being yourself the most. Be cool , be you !
                                              credits : Joe chan pictures

Friday, 22 November 2013

Victoria secrets popup store.

was invited by foot notes singapore & victoria's secret singapore to attend VS new pop up store at the exterior of wisma atrium.

huge ass VS angels poster welcoming us.  

It is pretty much similar to their in-house store however definitely much more fanciful in terms of decorations ! i'm a big fan of VS fragrances , bought quite a few previously, like endless love , bomb shell ,&  tease. Super in love with the kinky yet sweet alluring fragrance in each perfume. If you are too confuse in choosing the perfumes which suits you , the staff will assist you in this ' Which angel are you ? ' personality fragrance survey so as to help you in finding the perfect VS perfume .
that's esther and me :) having fun in the small little pop out store.

not to mention , there's this photo booth machine situated inside the pop out store , perfect for camwhore ladies :D hahhaha.

lastly thank you footnotes singapore & victoria secrets singapore for inviting us to the event, i had so much fun ! i'm so in love with my VS goodie bag.  Do head down this season for some fun at the VS pop out store !! and i will end this post with a video from the lovely VS angel show of 2013. 


Friday, 15 November 2013

Relax , Enjoy , Unwind

Back from a long hiatus.. finally took time to get back to this space.
life have pretty much been the same and i picked up a few new fav past time.


if you have been following me on Instagram ( mayneluna ) closely, you would have guessed it ! i'm so into cooking these days… turning into a super potential house wife :P below are some of my very own creations & simple recipe to share .

1 ) Get a pack of pancake mixture from the supermarket.
2 ) Mix the mixture with milk and water.
3 ) Grease the pan with minimum butter.
4 ) Fry the pancakes , rmb to keep it on low fire as the pancakes are very easily burnt
5 ) Add your fav fruits / ice cream or maple syrup to ur pancakes.

1) get a can of ayam brand spicy tuna can
2 ) chopped the garlic and tomatoes
3 ) cook ur pasta
4 ) fry all the ingredients tgt with the pasta
& yay u are done. All ready to be served and consumed.

1) Prepare the soup stock with chicken breast meat.
2 ) Getting ready your fav veg that are high in fibre , vitamins and nutrients  for etc potatoes , carrots , cabbage , golden enoki , tomatoes , celery..
3 ) Add some meat for a source of protein , this will also bring out the taste in the soup for instances i added ham into the soup.

Get ur pack of salad mix from the supermarket then mix them tgt with ur choice of meat , for etc chicken breast , ham or smoked salmon, tuna. Add in a hard boil egg or quinoa ( healthy whole grain seeds ) for a more filling choice , & nuts as garnish. & lastly go light on the salad dressing, for a healthier choice like olive oil instead of the usual creamy sauces. All these being taught by a very close friend of mine , esther. she's really a #cleaneats chef.

Apart from cooking ,
i have also been visiting and exploring lots of cafe and brunch places recently.
so much in love with the carefree , chillax high tea afternoons.


9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 S(199206) Café by day, restaurant bar by night

Having a cup of warm hot chocolate , perfect for rainy days. 


49 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089153
+65 6223 0660

A pretty interesting hidden and private cocktail bar which requires a secret password for entry. password will be updated weekly at the keong siak snacks fb page.

here's one of their signature cocktail shrub a dub dub which consist of gin ,  ginger shrub , peach puree , lemony , moscato. Such a cute cocktail !! we had so much fun bathing the rubber ducky :P

ok so much for nw. 
Be right back for the next post , Ciao ~.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hello ,blondie.

one freaking fine day me and my crazy sister decided to ditch the old boring hair look to go for something crazy and extraordinary.

however there's always a price to pay for beauty. and it started off with bleaching then colouring and it took us 6-7 hours ... it's kinda common for many girls :( we always take hours when we visit the salon due to our hair length...

 and ta-dahhhhh thank you to my dearest hair sponsor vintage studio a beautiful hair piece is being produced.. ash blonde top with green dip dye and yes this blog post is also to answer to all enquiries about my hair hahhaaha....i onli bleached once as i have very light hair colour before this and my scalp didnt bleed or hurt as much.. except for stinging feeling which is pretty normal during bleaching as the chemical is strong. And vintage studio advise all customer to coat a layer of scalp protector spa on the scalp before bleaching to protect chemicals from hurting our scalp.

 and thank god my hair is still manangable and looks good after all these terrible chemical treatment.. i'm also here to share with u about my haircare regime for those who are interested and have been asking me :) i'm finally free to answer ur enqurires .... beautiful and healthy hair comes with lots of hard work.

So i'm here to introduced the type of shampoo and conditioner tat i'm using definitely not being sponsored, sharing out of goodwill and recommended by vintage studio. i'm currently using number 4 nioxin cleanser shampoo and scalp revitaliser conditioner. this set of shampoo and conditioner range from number 1-5 if i'm not wrong. 1 being the least damage and 5 being badly chemicalize or damage , i'm using number 4 as i'm always colouring my hair once or twice every month. kinda damage but i dunno why doesnt it shows HAHAHAH . anyway this set of smapoo and conditioner is targeted more on hair fall ,  sensitive scalp and chemically treated hair. the conditioner is damnnnn awesome as comparable to hair treatment .. i'm having good hair days daily due to both the shampoo and conditioner.. i'm super in love with the conditioner .. and best of all it nourish and revatilize your scalp kinda like a scalp treatment ? i love the minty feellllllllllll.. just feels as though i had just done a 5 mins hair spa :D hehehe.

however it's kinda costly about $100 per bottle for each shampoo and conditioner but u can use it for 2-3 months ? it's all worh it for good hair days daily rite ? hahahha

next up is something good and affortable ( around $20 ++ roughly there ) found in all watsons stores around singapore...
defintely not sponsored as well. H &S hair treatment which comes in tubes can be done conviniently at home, and it also has a mint sensation ( i love minty sensation :p ) and can be applied to both scalp and hair as well :) currently my favourite hair treatment. on days when i experience super dry hair and unmanagable hair days or after a hair dye.. i would usually spam hair treatment like conditioner and use them daily HAHAHAHAHAHHA

and next up is a sponsored product from tresemme the heat protective spray  which keeps hair less frizzy . spray before blowing , curling or ironing of hair .. protects and keeps hair untangled and shiny :) loving this particular product because it's awesome not mainly coz its sponsored. do check out their shampoo and conditioner as well. they have colour protection hair shampoo as well found in all guardian stores in singapore. i have personally tried the sponsored shampoo and conditioner not too bad :) and most importantly u can keep ur hair looking good with professional but affortable products :)

and lastly hair oil would be  my favourite argan oil leave -on hair treatment for the finally and last step after blowing dry. My bff bought it from UK and i fall in love after the first try.. smells super good and super nourishing not too oily but definitely sufficient for  keeping ur hair ends tangled free , supple and shiny. Many mistaken my hair fragrance as my perfume ... yup tat's how captivating and strong it smells (: figuring out where i can purchase it online ,coz i ran out of it :( .. will share it here once i get the web online :)

you onli lived once.. and you are onli young once so just do it :)
  do not be afraid of how others may judge you as you onli live for urself :)
26C Lor Mambong Holland Village Singapore 277685
Tel: 6465 8321
Operation Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)


14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-44 Singapore 228213
Tel: 6735 8321
Operation Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)

bugis plus ( previous illuma )  #03-09

tel : 66343818
Operation Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)

They are on Facebook too

for all my friends and readers mention my name ' mayne ' at vintage studio to enjoy 20% discount..
they are currently having 88 dollars promotion for all colouring for all hair length :)

time to ditch your old boring look and do something darrrrrrrrrrrrrrringggggg.

for advertorials and sponsorship contact :
will reply u asap when i'm free :)